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Keeping Your Baby Warm and Well in Winter!

With Sharleen Poole

Keeping Your Baby Warm and Well in Winter!

Today there are wonderful clothing options for keeping a baby warm in winter. You do not have to spend a lot of money or have someone to knit for you, and there are plenty of shops or companies providing affordable products.
The trick is to work out how many clothes to sleep your baby in, how warm to  have the room and what other ways can you keep your baby well in the winter months.

I am a strong believer in dressing a newborn baby in all natural fabrics, especially while they are sleeping. This helps to make it easier for them to regulate their own body temperature and is safer for them when sleeping. 
You only need several essential items that are warm and comfortable, the key is dressing a baby in layers, which means you can take layers off depending on the temperature of the environment they are in.
Because our babies and children are exposed to a lot of winter bugs through travelling, playgroups, daycare, older siblings, shops and cafés I believe in seeking advice about how best to support your family's health through healthy eating and taking supporting supplements like probiotics. For myself, being sleep deprived and being exposed to so many bugs through travelling around, I support myself by taking 2 key supplements which help me to avoid getting sick or reduce the severity of the illness if I do pick something up, alongside helping with my energy levels.

The Baby Whisperer's tips:

Room Temperature:
I like to advise families that is it best to set the heater or have the room temperature at 18 degrees, maximum 20 degrees and then dress your baby appropriately rather than have the heating too high. 

Airing the room at some stage during the day by opening the windows keeps the room well ventilated and creates a healthier environment for all the family.

Essential Items:
Merino/wool short sleeve singlet (spring, autumn and winter a must)
Cotton short sleeved singlet
Cotton long sleeved singlet
Cotton or Merino nightie
Cotton or Merino all in one outfits (jumpsuit) with feet
Cotton cardigan
Wool cardigan
Cotton hat/wool hat
- Don't forget charity stores and markets that sell wonderful homemade wool jumpers, hats, booties and slippers.

Essential immunity Support advice:
Natasha Berman at Quintessence gives great support to families who are interested in boosting or supporting their wellbeing during winter or throughout the year.

Where to go for further info:
Sharlene Poole - Little Miracles and for visual baby/room setup tips
- - this is for advice about supporting you and your baby's immunity for winter.

Shops I recommend:
Baby City
JK Kids - Good affordable options for Merino wear
Local markets - great homemade items at cheaper prices
Church shops and Fairs

High end NZ made:
Nature Baby

(Broadcast: 19 June 2012)