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Karen Nimmo: Food Personality, part 4 - 20 July

What's Your Food Personality?

Want to lose weight? Enjoy better health? Then knowing your food personality is a useful first step. Here are the final two of the 10 personality types featured on Good Morning. The categories overlap so while you may identify with one main personality type you may also see traces of yourself in others.

Passionate Eater

Genuinely passionate about food, you often believe you have an addiction to it. What you don't realise is that almost everyone who thinks they are overweight says the same thing. The worry is that your obsessive thinking around food drives a compulsion to eat too much.

Personality: Impossible to define: you come in all shapes and sizes. But you share a love of eating and often cooking and socialising.

Danger Spots: Your kitchen, delis, trendy cafes, fine restaurants, anyone fine food can be found.

Strategies: Portion control. It's great to enjoy your food but buy small dinner plates and halve what you're eating.

Mindful Eater

We all want to be you. You control your food intake and weight almost effortlessly. You are able to enjoy food, leave some on the plate when you are full and you believe in maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

Personality: Emotionally aware, you manage your stresses and the ups and downs of life well. You promote your strengths, don't dwell too much on your weaknesses and your self-confidence is sound and stable.

Danger Spots: The same as everyone else, but you can spot them in advance and react appropriately - or self-correct when you overeat.

Strategies: Do more of whatever you're doing?

A Note on Physical Activity - How Much Does It Matter?

Managing your eating/food intake is more important in healthy weight loss/management than exercise. Regular physical activity, especially activities which raise your heart rate, is important for your overall health, including cardiovascular and bone health. However it is possible to maintain a healthy weight without doing massive amounts of exercise.

Remember, all you need to do to begin losing weight is change the ratio between what goes in (food) and what goes out (activity) on a 24-hour basis. Even small changes count - so start today!