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Karen Nimmo: Food Personality, part 3 - 13 July

What's Your Food Personality? With clinical psychologist and author Karen Nimmo

Want to lose weight? Enjoy better health? Then knowing your food personality is a useful first step. Here are three more of the 10 personality types featured on Good Morning. The categories overlap so while you may identify with one main personality type you may also see traces of yourself in others.

Automatic Eater

You often eat without thinking, so your food behaviour is mindless, bored and distracted. You struggle with keeping food records because you simply don't remember what you eat. If you're overweight, it doesn't seem fair because you're not getting the equivalent pleasure from eating.

Personality: Eating may be driven more by circumstances than your personality. You may be bored generally or have a laid-back demeanour and tend not to show strong emotions. Or you may be generally flat in mood, with low engagement in the fun side of life.

Danger Spots: Leftovers, food that has passed its use-by date, or scraps off the kids' plates.

Strategies: Be conscious of what you eat. Observe food, allow the senses to absorb it and savour each mouthful. Slow down. Keep a food diary - you will benefit as long as you stay focused (and honest) enough to write it down.

Pleaser Eater

You fit your food needs around others then get frustrated when you fail to eat well. You often buy and cook healthily - to fulfil family needs as well as your own- but you sabotage your efforts with impulsive or emotional eating. You view weight loss as a huge task which you'll tackle when there's less stress in your life. This means your weight loss efforts are mostly more talk than action.

Personality: Caring and giving, often to the point of being self-sacrificial, you promote harmony over self-interest. You prefer company to being alone, and may entertain frequently. Often low on confidence, you will defer to others in making decisions and need frequent reassurance.

Danger Spots: Being alone. In theory you crave time to work on your health and weight but the reality of it scares you more than you admit.

Strategies: Alone time. Start with 20mins a day. Have a plan for your own life, rather than being a slave to family and friends.

Social Eater

Eat, drink and be merry is your motto - so you end up consuming far more than is necessary. Your social life leads to erratic eating which plays havoc with your metabolism. In your defence, you are often physically active - mostly because sport is another opportunity to socialise.

Personality: Fun-loving and outgoing, you are the life of the party. You can be charming and engaging, although possibly superficial or clingy in relationships because you're eager to be involved. Emotionally demonstrative, you tend to be warm and physically affectionate.

Danger Spots: Buffets, finger food, parties, birthdays, celebrations - anywhere food and drink is free or plentiful.

Strategies: When going out, be conscious of your food choices. Chose well when you're out (salads, cut the bread, lean proteins). And stay home occasionally!