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Karen Nimmo: Food Personality, part 2 - 6 July

What's Your Food Personality? With clinical psychologist and author Karen Nimmo

Want to lose weight? Enjoy better health? Then knowing your food personality is a useful first step. Here are three more of the 10 personality types featured on Good Morning. The categories overlap so while you may identify with one main personality type you may also see traces of yourself in others.


Your relationship with food is unstable and you often eat before you think. You are likely a yo-yo dieter, often favouring fad diets. When you have success in losing weight, you sabotage it. You're vulnerable to impulse buying and poor food choices on the spur of the moment which lead to frustration and guilt. Erratic eating means you struggle to stick to rules around eating.

Personality traits: You can be emotionally reactive and vulnerable to mood swings but you can also be lively, engaging and fun. You throw yourself into life with mixed consequences.

Danger spots: Many! Parties, supermarket checkouts, the pantry, your partner's plate (especially if he/she is a slow eater)

Best strategies: Clean up your food environment and remove the temptations. Make shopping lists and stick to them, and don't go to the supermarket hungry. Good planning and good distraction techniques are vital. And slow down - think before you eat.


You see food as fuel and only eat enough to keep your energy levels stable. You sometimes skip meals, because you've forgotten to eat or are distracted by other activities. When it comes to food you listen to your body, not your head which means you are not overweight - and never will be.

Personality: Hard to categorise. You may be a sensible, practical person who lives in an orderly way, or you may be eccentric and distracted, so consumed by other passions that food doesn't stand a chance.

Danger Spots: None. Even when you overeat you self-correct without thought.

Strategies: Loosen up a little. Food is delicious, pleasurable and the source of many good times. Make sure you are open to them. 


You restrict your food intake, sometimes to extremes and often do well on diets because you are suited to rules and measurements. Your eating may be dictated by health issues so you tend to eat according to rules, plans and routines rather than when you're hungry.

Personality: You may have perfectionist tendencies and very high standards which can make you driven, but then cause angst and anxiety when you fall below your own mark. You can be a great achiever but are sometimes rigid and exacting.

Danger spots: Being told you are overweight. Holidays and other times when you are unable to stick to your routines. Feeling like life is out of control.

Strategies: Break the rules sometimes. Let go the reins and learn to be flexible - you are allowed to have icecream before your veges if you want to!