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Jo Tan's Matariki Cake

With Jo Tan

Jo Tan's Matariki Cake

Time not including making and cooking of cake: 4 hours
Cost: $75

Ingredients/ Tools
2 cakes; 1 x about 22cm diameter + 1 x 15.5cm diameter
Cake boards; 1 x 30.5cm dia and 1.4cm thick + 1x 15.5cm dia
Chocolate ganache  or marzipan (if you are using fruit cake)
White icing
Alphabet cutters
Gel colours (-from cake decorating shops)
Edible glitter - pastel blue
Spray oil
Apricot jam
2 cake dowels
2 toothpicks

Top tier
24 hours beforehand cut out a circle @4mm thick, cut off the edge of the circle using your circle cutter (or edge of a cup) and then cut out out a crescent shape of glittery white icing and join it to the black semicircle to make a full circle.
Insert 2 tooth picks 3/4 of the way in and leave this to set. This will be placed on top of the top tier to represent the moon.
Cover the 15.5cmdia cake in ganache or marzipan and brush with apricot jam.
Mix about 5 different shades of icing ranging from black to light blue, make up about a small fist of each colour.
Spray your surface and then roll the black into a ball and then roll the next darkest colour into a long sausage and wrap this around the black, and then roll and wrap the next colour around.
Continue to do this until the outer ring is your lightest colour.
Roll this out until it is a big enough circle to cover your top tier.
Work gently to smooth this over your cake without ripping the icing.
Trim the bottom of the tier and roll out brown and white icing and form triangles to look like mountains around the bottom.
Cut 11 stars out of white icing sprinkled with edible glitter, leave 7 flat and cut the rest in half then place half standing up down the centre of each star.
Place the 7 assembled stars on top of the cake (you may want to Google Matariki images to find out approx where the stars should sit).
I used cutters to write the name Matariki out of light blue icing sprinkled with edible glitter.
When your moon is set place on top towards the back of the cake.

Bottom Tier
After covering with ganache or marizipan brush with apricot jam.
Cover the cake in green icing. insert a dowel toward the back of the cake and mark how high the level of the cake is.
Use your saw to cut 2 dowels to length.
Insert the dowels into the cake.
Put your top tier ontop of the bottom tier towards the back of the cake, this should leave a crescent shape on the top of the bottom layer.
Cut out the crescent leaving a 1cm border, take out the green icing and insert roughly brown icing to look like dirt.
Make some little vegetables to look like they are growing in the garden.
Cut out little rectangles and place them around the top to middle of the cake and vertically and one strip horizontally to look like a garden fence.

The Cake board
Marble blue and white icing and push onto the board around your cake, pinching it to look like waves, brush with jam to make it look wet and sprinkle with a little glitter. Marble brown and white icing and make some rocks to tie your board to your cake.
Put ribbon around the edge of the board.

(Broadcast: 21 June 2012)