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Heather Tait's Living Earth gardening diary

Gardening with Heather Tait and Living Earth

28 October

Plant amaryllis for Christmas

Fertilise lawns

Mulch gardens

Sow Basil and successive sowings of lettuce, coriander

Mix baking soda in water for blackspot spray

September 2

Feed and spray roses

Plant potatoes

Nip out leggy broad beans

Fertilse fruit trees

August 19

1.       Prune hydrangeas

2.       Spray moss

3.       DON'T remove frost damaged foliage just yet

4.       Dig lots of organic matter (compost) through your soil

February 11

Heather shows you how to grow beetroot, walnuts, coriander and parsley and chef Laura Faire will show you how to cook with them with her Honey Pickled Beetroot, Goats Cheese & Walnut Salad. Get the recipe here

Living Earth Garden Diary

Soak beetroot seeds overnight before sowing
Water seedlings of parsley, coriander and Italian parsley daily
Feed citrus and spray with summer strength oil
Dig or spray stubborn weeds.

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