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Heather's Garden - Feeding the Birds - 25 May

Feeding the Birds 

The civilization of NZ by human beings has resulted in the loss of approximately 36 species of birds.
Fortunately in the latter years of the last millennium, many conservation groups, both professional and voluntary, began steps to ensure the creation or restoration of environments that offered shelter and food to local species of birds.
Your own garden can be haven for these creatures and assist in providing food in their passage from one bird friendly locality to another.

Suggested Plants:

  NZ Plants

Clianthus Kakabeak

Coprosma robusta

Corokia untrimmed plants produce good berries

Flaxes, especially green-leafed varieties as they seem to flower earlier

Kowhai try the dwarf form: 'Dragon's Gold' as its winter flowers feed the birds at an optimum time and the size of the shrub is great for small spaces

Miro good for the wood pigeons


Puriri constant source of food for tuis and bellbirds

Pseudopanax (five finger)

  Exotic Plants

Fruit Trees last of the crops of apples, crabapples, pears, figs, and feijoas


Callistemon (bottle brush)



Magnolias harbour plenty of insects that birds feed on

Bird Pudding

Melt 200-300g of dripping.

Mix in any or all of the following

Honey, crumbled bread, chopped bacon rind, biscuit crumbs, birds seed.

Stir it well. Leave it for a day to go solid, then place on a bird feeder or in the string bag that you buy your mandarins in.

Hang in a spot that is quite high and close to a tree that the birds rest in. When they feel quite safe they will swoop down to peck at it.