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Goal getting - Not goal setting

With Tom O'Neil

Goal getting - Not goal setting...

Key Points
- Using my COMPASS Goal Achievement Programme©, helping viewers to put in place clear tangible goals over the short, medium and long term 
- Studies say less than 5% of people have written goals and people as a rule do not goal set.  
- It is very important to have a clear idea of what both your short and long-term goals are (both personal and career). 
- If you clearly understand your long-term goals, wise short-term choices and decisions will be easier to make.

COMPASS Goal Achievement Programme©
- Consider - Where am I starting from?
- Opportunity - What do I want my life to look like in 10 years?
- Map - Set S.M.A.R.T.A. goals:

- Proceed - What are five things you can do this week to start work towards achieving your goals?
- Assess - Regularly assess you goals to ensure you are on the right track
- Score - Complete your goals - 99% complete is not good enough if you are building a bridge!
- Success - Celebrate your success when you achieve your medium and long term goals (Tom has a very good example here.)
- Downloadable COMPASS resources, templates and factsheet are available for viewers

Sample Presenter Questions
- What can I do to more effectively set my future goals?
- How do I start effective goal setting?
- What are SMARTA goals?
- Why is doing five things in the first week (Proceed), after you have set your goals, so important?
- What happens if my goals change?
- I'm not really a goal setter and I just cruise.  Is goal setting important to me?
- How do I find what I am passionate about?
- I'm a bit older.  Is goal setting still relevant to me?

(Broadcast 28 November 2012)