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Fried Chicken by Anthony Hoy Fong

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Yield: serves 4Time: 1.5 hours (plus brine time)


FRIED CHICKEN: Needs no introduction. This is my all-time favorite and this is how you make it at home...

I’ve developed this recipe over years of cooking and traveling across America.

I learnt from the best of the best, and in the place it originated… the southern states of America.



Here is my recipe for you to try:

Brine: 2 L cold water 1/2 C kosher salt 1 T whole black peppercorns 1 tsp fennel seeds 6 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed 2 T honey 4 bay leaves 4 sprigs fresh thyme 1 lemon, cut in half


Chicken: 1 whole organic chicken, cut into 10 pcs 1 L buttermilk (can sub with whole milk, plus 2T sour cream) 2 T garlic powder (or sub with half the amount of garlic salt) 1 T paprika 1 tsp ground black pepper


Coating: 2 C all purpose flour 2 T garlic powder (or sub with half the amount of garlic salt) 1 T onion powder 2 T paprika 1 tsp cayenne pepper 2 tsp fresh ground black pepper 1 T kosher salt

Peanut oil, for deep frying Fresh rosemary, sage, thyme, unpeeled garlic cloves Lemon wedges


Brine Chicken: Combine brine ingredients in a large bowl. Stir until salt and honey have dissolved completely. Add chicken pieces, cover and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Remove chicken from brine and pat dry.


Coat Chicken: Set up buttermilk in a large bowl and season with garlic powder, paprika and pepper. Set up flour in a separate large bowl and add seasonings. Mix well. Take each piece of chicken and coat very lightly in the seasoned flour - shaking off any excess. Next, dip into the buttermilk mixture then shake off excess and coat again in the flour. Make sure it is coated evenly and thoroughly. Place on a wire rack over a tray. Coat remaining pieces.


Fry Chicken: Place cold oil in a large pot or deep fryer. Add whole herbs and garlic cloves and heat oil to 180 degrees C. As the oil heats up it cooks/crackles the herbs and infuses the oil (use these as a garnish). Remove herbs and garlic when crisp. Cook 3-4 pieces of chicken at a time in oil. Cook for 15-17 minutes until golden brown and crispy. Place on a clean oven rack to drain. Season with salt while hot and hold warm in an oven. Serve with a wedge of lemon, garnish with crackly herbs.



Recipes courtesy Anthony Hoy Fong

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