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Friday 5 October

Dom Harvey, breakfast radio host from The Edge has just released a new book "Bucket List of an Idiot". It's a book which saw him: fight a girl, pose nude for a hen's party and get a regrettable tattoo. He's in to tell us all about his misadventures.

You never need to worry about being bored again... On Friday nights at least "Brit Comedy Friday" begins this weekend. Comedians Jason Hoyte and Brendhan Lovegrove are in to tell us all about it. 

Three-piece rockers Goon are in ahead of a live gig in Auckland this weekend. Prepare to be blown away by their upbeat vibes.

Chef Jazz is in and she's bought her adorable nephew Yuvi too. This week she's making: Yogiberry iceblocks, Popeye's Pizza and a cheap as chicken dinner to feed your whole family.

Adam Usmani and the Blacklight Strings make a welcome return to Good Morning. They're in to celebrate the release of their new album "Dancin' People"!

Interiors Icon, LeeAnn Yare, brings you "Upcycling", where vintage junk becomes designer must-haves. Never look at roadside trash in the same way again. 

Wendy Douglas is in with another round of school holiday happenings and funnies from the web. See the World's most patient cat, a wagging tail for humans and the toddler who's had his heart broken over Nikki Minaj.

Wallace Chapman, Willie Jackson and David Slack make up The Male Panel this week. The topic: Things that you wish they'd taught you in school.

Wallace Chapman's weekly media roundup, prepare yourself for the World's biggest traffic jam, bad news for Larry King and overcrowding in the Sistine Chapel.

Lucy Warhurst helps you make your mind up in the video store with the Allen's DVD review, this week: Mirror Mirror, Jeff Who Lives at Home and Big Miracle.

Laura Lopez Lopez, mixologist at the 'Q Theatre Bar' rings in the weekend with a cocktail. This week: 'The Broken Cherry'.