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Friday 16 November

U.S. band, Common Kings, are making big waves in the pacific. Their recent singles "Alcoholic" and "Wade in Your Water" have bought them to the World's attention. They're here in New Zealand on tour and Good Morning has snapped them up for a live performance.

Nothing beats New Zealand country music, especially when it's being belted out by the Maori Cowboy, Dennis Marsh performs live.

There is a very quiet revolution going on in New Zealand. Electric cars are growing in popularity. Philip Court and Steve West from 'Greenstage' are here to say why your next car may not be petrol powered.

Making a family meal on a single gas ring at a campsite or using basic bach facilities can be a challenge. Chef Jazz has some ingenious solutions: The meal in a jar, sweet-lime corn on the cob and banana pockets. 

Wallace Chapman is in with another roundup of World events: See Buckingham Palace burned to the ground, hear David Shearer rocking out and learn why America's republicans are headed for Australia.

If your husbands are home then now's the time to make them look away. Peta Stavelli is in with all the latest gadgets for your camping holidays: Inflatable Kayaks, 3-way chilli bins, the instant tent... Your man will be headed for the adventure store before you can hide the car keys.

In New Zealand, one third of marriages end in divorce. Why is it so hard to stay wed? Willie Jackson, Jason Faafoi, Leigh Hart and Wallace Chapman discuss.

Dennis Marsh has a new sound. The Maori Cowboy's latest album has a pacific flavour. He's in performing later with Matai as a backing dancer. He'll need lessons from professional Hula Dance instructor, Aruna Po-Ching.

It's the weekend. Come rain or shine you should get out and make the most of it. Wendy Douglas has all of the country's best events and a collection of funny videos from the web.

Interiors Stylist LeeAnn Yare is headed for the bathroom. She says that it's New Zealand's most over-looked room. The good news is that there a heaps of cheap and easy ways to make your 'throne room' the family jewel.

Lucy Warhurst and the Allen's DVD review. This week: British comedy "Attack the Block", Joanna Lumley in "Late Bloomers" and Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman".