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Friday 13 April

The Phil Edwards Band are the best thing to come out of Hawkes Bay since Syrah. They join us in the studio with the promise of love and good times.  

The most elusive of all Kiwis, Sonny Bill Williams, has given his most open interview in years, reporter Shimpal Lelisi is here with the goss.

If you're on school holidays this week then we have a treat for you. Bronson Pelletier, 'Twilight' werewolf, is on the sofa... Let's hope he's not moulting!

He's not a chef. He's a bloke who bakes. Steve Joll is in with bite-sized savouries and a delicious carrot cake.

John Goodman's shooting holes in religious zealots, Hugh Jackman wants fisty cuffs with 10-foot future robots and Gerard Butler takes on African warlords... Silly boys will do anything to impress Lucy Warhurst.

On the male panel today: Do you tell your kids to forget the boogie man at night and then check under your own bed? Are you scared to go to the toilet alone after dark? Are we all just big babies?

The 'Massive Theatre Company' are offering eight men who aren't afraid to lay themselves bare and are capable of feats of raw athleticism. Sound too good to be true... it's not!

Rainforests, white sand, and horse rides in the surf. If that doesn't appeal then perhaps croc shows, jet boats and Harley rides will. Either way the sunshine coast is for you.

Mathew Harvey from Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World joins us in the studio with a baby carpet shark and some young Spiny Seadragons, both were born in the aquarium this year.

Chef Laura Faire has a Funny Apple Cake. We're not sure if that means it's off, ugly or hysterical. You'll have to watch to find out.

We still have one whole week left of the Easter break and there is plenty going on around NZ to keep you and the kids occupied. Wendy Douglas has details.