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Friday 10 August

Reggae band 1814 kick off the weekend with upbeat grooves, their cover of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' is not to be missed.

Are you ready to rock? Crank it all the way up to 11 because rockers 'King Cannons' are set to blast you into the weekend.

This week's 'Country Calendar' is a later-in-life romance tale between a lonely farmer and city-slicking journalist. Rex and Rae Roadley show us it's never too late to find love.

Chef, Jazz is in with 'Souper Soup'. Her immune boosting recipe has been especially designed to help you battle the dreaded winter lurgies.

Richard De Crespigny is the airline captain whose cool head averted what might have been one of the world's worst flight disasters. He got 466 passengers home safely after one of the engines on his double-decker jet exploded mid-air.,%20Richard

The Male Panel: What is the perfect age gap between a man and a woman? Wallace Chapman, Steve Gurney, Jason Fa'afoi and David Slack discuss.

Bob Gentil is one of New Zealand's best disc golfers; in fact he's the only man in the Southern Hemisphere to have been inducted into the U.S. Hall of Fame. Find out everything you need to know about an exciting sport which has dodged the NZ mainstream since it arrived in the 70's.

What a week it's been! Olympic drama, interplanetary exploration and exciting news for Dracula fans... Find out what you've missed with Wallace's media roundup.

At what age should your husband's mum stop buying his clothes? What should be done about grey chest hairs? And are socks with sandals back in style yet? Agony Aunts Buffy & Bimbo tackle all of your social etiquette woes.

We have a fresh new face in the kitchen. Charcutier, Jeremy Schmid shows us a couple of dishes from his new book Bangers to Bacon.

The Allen's DVD review with Lucy Warhurst. This week: London Boulevard, Buck & Joyful Noise.

There's heaps going on around New Zealand this weekend, Wendy Douglas has 5 great reasons to get you out of doors... And some of the Web's funniest videos.

Cam Timmins is purportedly New Zealand's best mixologist. He'll ring in the weekend with his drink, 'The Early Riser'.