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Friday 1 July

Fabulous chef, TV star and master of home-cooking, Richard Till joins us in the kitchen! He's making three cheap and delicious meals just like mum used to make: Kedgeree, Potato Pinwheels, Pumpkin Gnocchi, and Palmier for dessert!

The massive stage show inspired by the BBC TV Series " Walking With Dinosaurs" has hit New Zealand. Its been seen by over 6,000,000 people around the world and Matai is the latest convert he gets a look behind the scenes . . .  

We talk to New York blogger Gala Darling , an ex-Kiwi taking the world by storm with her unique take on style and self-love! 

Are men afraid of fashion? Paul, Barry and Tuari battle it out on this week's Male Panel.

Joe Blossom joins us in the studio with songs from their debut album, "Nocturnes".

Gardening guru Dennis Greville is planting strawberries, plus all manners of frilly and feathered plants to show us just how glamorous our gardens can be!

Bartender Houston Barakat makes "Collins", the perfect mixer for your Friday night out!

Its Men's Fashion Week so today's Te Reo is all about clothes! Matai teaches us the trendiest Maori words.

And Carla Beazley and the crew from Zumba Tauranga present a Zumba workout! For more information see their website.