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Fifi's craft: Turning broken crockery into art


Got some old broken crockery? Can't bear to throw it away because you loved it so much before it was cracked? Repurpose it and transform it into useful decorative art- and learn some handy new skills at the same time!

You will need:

Terracotta flower pot
Broken tiles, crockery
Putty knife or thick butter knife
Rubber gloves
Tile adhesive or Liquid Nails
Tile grout
Water-based sealer

1) Prepare your pot first by sealing it inside and outside. Let it dry thoroughly.

2) Put your tiles and crockery between thick sheets of newspaper and tap with a hammer until they are broken into smaller pieces (not too tiny!)

3) Spread some tile adhesive on the outside of the pot with the putty knife.

4) Stick your tiles and china pieces onto the adhesive in a jigsaw pattern, leaving small gaps between them.

5) Work in small patches at time, rather than make the whole of the pot tacky all at once. You may want to work on this over a period of days.

6) When the tiles are all in place, let it dry overnight.

7) Put your rubber gloves on and spread tile grout over the whole surface (be really generous with it), pushing it in with your hands to make sure it squishes into all the cracks.

8) Use a damp sponge to wipe away the excess grout.

9) Let it dry for 48 hours and varnish it with a water based sealer.

Now it is ready to plant, grace your kitchen, steps or deck!