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Fifi's craft: Te reo Maori word art - 27 July

Bring te reo into your furnishings with wordy wall art.

You will need:
Wooden letters from Spotlight

1) Choose some Maori words that will go together well. For instance; aroha and whanau, numbers like tahi, rua, toru, wha or colours: whero, kahurangi, kowhai, kakariki. Make sure that whatever you choose, they have some of the same letters in them.
2) Decorate your letters with paint. Aroha might have hearts on it, Kowhai might have the flowers or sun rays on it. You might like to copy some kowhaiwhai patterns onto them. Spotlight have sheets of paua shell laminate that can be cut and glued on which add a beautiful effect.
3) Arrange the words horizontally and vertically so that they overlap each other like scrabble or a crossword. So aroha and whanau might intersect through an 'a' or 'h' for instance.
4) Hanging options: Blu-tack them on or for a more permanent and secure method, bend metal paper clips slightly so that they form loops to glue onto the back of each letter then hang them on the wall with panel pins.

Tips and ideas
Do your word planning first before you buy the letters so you don't double up on them.
Draw up how they will look on the wall. 
Decide as a family what you'd like.
Give each family member a letter to decorate.