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Fifi's craft: Sweet Nests - 30 March

Here's a way of making a few little Easter eggs go further and create a special little yummy gift at the same time!

You will need
A packet of biscuits: I used Girl Guide ones
Royal Icing: use the Edmonds Cookery Book recipe, or buy tubes of readymade icing
Icing bag and a fine nozzle
Small chocolate Easter Eggs

1) Make up your icing into different colours
2) Fill up your icing bag and create a wiggly nest like border around the outside edge of a biscuit. Use a selection of colours to make them pretty!
3) Leave to set
4) Pop a couple of foil covered eggs into the middles.

Make a whole tray full and share them out for Easter.
If you like making cupcakes ice a thicker nest on top and decorate with an Easter egg.