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Fifi's craft - Stylish snowflakes - 9 June

If it isn't cold enough for you, try making these fun snowflakes! To hang from the ceiling or decorate presents with.

You will need:
- White craft glue in a squeezy bottle
- Baking paper or a glass plate
- Glitter
- Cotton thread

1) Draw some snowflake designs on a piece of paper. There are lots on the internet to copy if you get stuck, or use Fifi's snowflake templates .
2) Place a piece of baking paper or a glass plate over the top of your designs. Glue a small loop of thread into one spike of the snowflake.
3) Trace your snowflake designs with the squeezy bottle of glue.
4) Shake glitter over them and let them dry.
5) Gently peel the snowflakes off the paper or glass and shake off the excess glitter.

Now you have a stunning snowflake with style!