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Fifi's Craft - Recycled Daisies - 16 Oct

Recycled Daisies

Daisy looms have been around for years to make raffia and wool flowers. Here's a simple one you can make from out of the rubbish- yes, literally!

You will need:

A plastic ice-cream container lid
Plastic supermarket bags (the more colours the better!)
A darning needle- a blunt, wide eyed needle

The Loom
Draw a circle onto the ice-cream container lid. The easiest way to do this is use the bottom of a cup or glass and trace around it. It needs to be around 8cm across- no bigger.
Draw 8 'spokes' around the outside, about 1.5cm long.
Cut it out with scissors.
Make a hole in the middle- the easiest way to do this is to heat up a skewer and melt your way through!

The Daisy
Flatten out a plastic bag and cut strips across it 2cm wide. Cut them open at one end so that you have long strips of plastic.
Thread the darning needle onto a strip and then through the back of the daisy loom, leaving about 5cm hanging.
Loop the strip around a spoke and then down around the opposite spoke, then back up around the next spoke and down around its opposite spoke.
Now thread the needle under the centre strips of plastic to keep them in place. Loop the strip around the next spoke and up again, catching the centres as you go. Repeat until you have looped the strip around all the spokes.
Now catch each of the loops by threading the strip under and over each one. When you have done the last loop, thread the strip back through to the reverse side of the loom.
Tie the two hanging strips together and pull off the darning needle.
Slip the loops off the spokes, pull the daisy off the loom and there it is!

Uses for your daisies
Sew them onto a costume for flower power.
Sew or tape them together in a row and make daisy chains you can use for decoration.
Glue them to pipe cleaners and make a bunch of daisies to spike into a lump of clay or Playdoh.
Make them into fairy hats.
Use them for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or hang them from your ears!

Other materials you can use