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Fifi's Craft - Rats - 4 Mar


Gavin Bishop's rats are wonderfully illustrated and absolutely everywhere! Make a few more to add to the rodent infestation, by making some finger puppets with satisfyingly long wiggly tails.

You will need:

- Paper- I used grey and pink paper but you can colour up white paper with pens or coloured pencils.
- Double sided tape or a glue stick (sellotape will do too)
- Black felt tipped pen for the details.

1) Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half a rat body on it lengthways about 12cm long from nose to bottom. Don't draw the tail or legs yet. Use Gavin's book for reference. If you can't draw a rat and haven't got a picture to copy, draw half a triangle shape; the top end will be the nose and the wider end will be its bottom. You can give it a bit of shape too.
2) Cut the rat out and open it up- you should have a triangular flat rat!
3) Draw in the eyes, nose and whiskers, plus a bit of hair with a black pen.
4) Cut out two roundish ears, leaving a bit of a flat tab at the end.
5) Stick a smaller circle of pink to the inside of each ear.
6) Bend the flat tabbed end of each ear at right angles and glue the underside of the tab to the rats head, either side of the middle. Bend the ears upright.
7) Cut out four legs and a long thin tail from pink paper. Make the tail around 15cm in length. Allow 5mm extra on each piece for gluing.
8) Stick them onto the underside of the rat.
9) Cut a strip of paper around 2cm wide and as long as it need to be to wrap around your forefinger. Tape it closed.
10) Glue the circle of paper to the underside of the near the tail end- make sure the rat body wraps around the finger circle and sticks in place enough to create a nice shape to the body.
11) Put your finger through the circle and you have a rat puppet, ready to be a cute nuisance!