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Fifi's craft - Pretty cool periscope - 7 July

"We all live in a yellow submarine..." with a pretty cool periscope!

You will need
- 3 x 600ml milk or juice cartons (make sure they are clean and dry!)
- 2 small mirrors (you can buy 3.5 cm square ones from the $2 shop)
- Tape
- A craft knife
- Glue
- Paint (optional)

1) Trim the top1cm off two of the cartons (the bit that glues together)
2) With a craft knife, cut a mirror sized window in one side at the base of the trimmed cartons.
3) From the remaining carton cut two panels the width of the carton and 10cm long.
4) Glue a mirror to each panel. Position them so that they are towards the bottom ends of the panels.
5) Slide a mirror panel into the two cartons so that they sit at a 45-degree angle with the mirrors facing upwards opposite the window holes.
6)  Tape them into place.
7) Now slide one carton inside the other until it fits snugly and so that the windows are opposite sides to each other (one at the front and one at the back). Tape them together.
8) Now if you sit under a table and put your periscope up over the top and look into the bottom window hole, you'll be able to see what's up top!

Optional: Cut a section of carton and tape it to the top of your periscope at right angles, then paint it yellow.