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Fifi's craft: Poured art

Poured Art

Want a bit of contemporary art?  I've had a go at this technique after being inspired by an Auckland artist friend Angela Laby who found it messy creative fun for all the family!

You will need:
Pots of liquid acrylic paint
Canvas or primed wood- I used canvas boards from Spotlight.
A block of wood or cardboard box (this can vary depending on the canvas size from a milk carton to a small piece of balsa wood)
Lots of newspaper!

1) Find a big space where you can make a mess and leave it for a few days whilst it dries.
2) Lay out several sheets of newspaper and put your canvas/primed board in the middle.
3) Place the block of wood or box in the middle of the canvas.
4) Now, take your first colour and pour it over the block/box so that it cascades down each side and onto the canvas. I put my paint in paper cups first- easier to clean up at the end.
5) Repeat with the other colours- let everyone in the family have a go!
6) Use plenty of paint and see what colours and shapes you get.
7) Remove the block carefully; the paint will run into the gap and fill it up.
8) Let it dry (depending on how much paint you used it will take a few days)
9) Try variations by painting your canvas with a different base colour first.
There- a great bit of modern art for your wall (but hopefully not your floor!)
Have fun!