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Fifi's Craft: Peg Dolls

Peg Dolls

Old fashioned wooden clothes pegs are wonderful for making tiny dolls out of. You can use all kinds of things to decorate them with and it will keep little people busy for hours!

You will need:
Wooden clothes peg (from Spotlight or the $2 shop)
Pipe cleaners or florist wire
Paint or felt tipped pens
Scraps of wool, fabric lace etc

Bend a piece of wire or pipe cleaner to make arms and glue it onto your peg. Draw or paint a face on and maybe some hair- or glue wool onto the head. Wrap your doll in fabric, paint leggings, wind wool around it, add bead and sequin accessories. These can all be glued into place. Don't forget to give it a name!

Watch Fifi make her Peg Dolls here .