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Fifi's Craft: Paper Bag Wigs

Paper Bag Wigs

Paper bags make great wigs and hats with a little imagination. This works best when you have a model wearing it whilst you shape the bag.

You will need:

A large paper bag (preferably with a square base)
Sticky tape

Cut a square out of the paper bag to make the basic shape. Fold and tape the base so that it fits a head snugly. Use plenty of tape! Trim the bag into the hairstyle you want for a wig. Now carefully turn the whole bag inside out. It will hold its shape really well, just you see! Tape down any bits that are sticking out, then paint the wig. Cut a fringe into it and decorate it with curls and flowers made from coloured paper (pages from brochures or magazines are an easy source of colour). The flying helmet has paper coffee cups glued on!