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Fifi's craft - Mad hats - 24 November

Join a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with these crazy hats. Easy to make, fun to decorate - a sure fire hit for any party!

You will need:
A large paper bag- the sort with a square bottom are the best
Double sided tape/glue/stapler
Things to stick onto your hat: coloured paper, fake flowers, chenille sticks etc
Scissors (not essential but useful)

1) Roll the bag up a few times from the open end to make a brim. Try it on your head and if necessary, pinch it in and staple or tape it to fit.
2) Decorate it!

Decorating ideas:
- Take the flowers off a lei from the $2 shop and glue them all over 
- Cut out crazy shapes from coloured paper and stick them on. Use paper shred from an office shredder too; best stapled into place.
- Fill small cup cake case with large yellow pom poms (from a craft shop) and glue a button on the top for a cherry. Stick then to your hat brim. Staple (unused) tea bags to your hat base.
- Got an old deck of playing cards with a few missing? These are cool taped to your hat for an Alice in Wonderland feel.

These hats can be painted too with student acrylics. Just make sure the hat is really dry before you put them it or you'll be wearing paint too!