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Fifi's craft - Kiwi Christmas - 1 December

I love a Kiwi Christmas, so what better way to show it than with a cake decoration?

You will need
20mm polystyrene ball
35mm polystyrene ball
Gold acrylic paint (not spray paint) and a brush
Black beads and pins or black headed pins
Christmas ribbon

1) Cut one toothpick in half and push the cut end into the smaller ball for a beak.

2) Push the other half into the head for a neck, then push it into the larger ball for to join the head to the body.

3) Push two toothpicks into the body for legs.

4) Paint the kiwi gold all over, leaving the lower end of its legs unpainted.

5) Let it dry thoroughly. You can spike it into a bit of polystyrene or even an orange whilst it dries.

6) Chop the long ends of two pins with pliers so they are around 1cm long.

7) Thread a black bead on each one and push them into the head for eyes.

8) Tie a ribbon bow around the kiwi's neck. I found the best way to do this was to tie the bow, or use a small pre-bought one, take the head of the kiwi, slip the bow over the toothpick neck and then push the head back on. You can turn the head a little to give it a quizzical look!

Now your kiwi is all ready to spike into a cake, cup cake or little Christmas pudding for a bit of antipodean cheer. You could make a centrepiece for the table from a polystyrene ring shape with a whole heap of kiwis on it- add some glitter to them for extra festive fun!