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Fifi's Craft: Hat Box Birthday Cake

With Fifi Colston

Got a special occasion coming up? Want to make a cake but there are the dairy free, gluten free, nut free people to cater for amongst the lovers of fat, sugar and stodge!
Make a gorgeous hat box cake with separate layers to put all those options in- happiness for everyone!

You will need:

3 round cardboard boxes with lids in different sizes- Spotlight have lots of these from hatbox size to small jewellery box size
Acrylic paint
Ribbon and flower decorations
A cake board and cakes made to your liking!


Paint your boxes and lids. Use masking tape to create stripes, or stencils to make pretty shapes. Sponges are good for dabbing paint on to create a graduated paint effect. The nice thing about acrylic paint is that if you make a mistake you can paint over it again!

Now, get out your glue gun and glue the boxes together in this order starting from the smallest top box: base of small box to lid of medium box, base of medium box to lid of large box, base of big box to cake board.

Decorate the box lids with fake flowers, shells, fruit...anything that takes your fancy!

Now fill the bottom 2 layers with your cakes and the top box with candles and matches.

There you go- a birthday in a box!

You can of course make more layers than 3- see how high a tower you can make!

Ra whanau ki ahau!

(TX: 5 July 2011)