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Fifi's craft - Cuzzy caterpillar - 6 October

Have your cuzzies come to stay these holidays and eaten everything in sight? This very hungry caterpillar will keep them all in their place.

You will need
A large egg carton tray (holds 30 eggs)
A craft knife & scissors
Paint and brushes
Pictures of your family (faces work best)

1) Turn the egg tray upside down and cut a strip of 6 egg cups out. This is the body. Trim one end into a point for the tail. Bend it a little so it curves upwards.
2) Cut out another egg cup and snip the corners on one side into feelers. This is the head. Stick it to one end of the body,
3) Slice a couple of diamond shapes from the upside of the egg tray to make eyes. Stick them to the head.
4) Paint the caterpillar in nice bright colours.
5) Cut a leaf shape from a piece of carton and paint it green. Make a slit in the caterpillar's head where a mouth would be and slip the leaf in a little way- it will hold quite firmly.
6) On the underside, glue cut out pictures of your family- one per egg cup.

Now put the caterpillar on a table, and then tip it up with your finger on the tail. Look! That's where all your cuzzies have gone. 

NB: you can prepare this craft for a group of kids by slicing the egg tray with a craft knife into 5 strips first. They can do the easier cuts and trimming with scissors- much safer!

If you have access to a digital camera and a printer, this makes the photo part of the craft easy. Another option is to cut out pictures of fruit and vege from a magazine and stick those into the caterpillars tummy- use the opportunity to talk about the life cycle of the butterfly!