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Fifi's craft: Cupcake paperweight - 2 March

Rock Cakes

I just love cupcakes, but my baking abilities are... Well, let's say, a little challenged to say the least. But crafts I can do! Here's a solid little cake that you can make that will last and last, especially on your desk as a paper weight.

You will need
Silicone cup cake moulds
Plaster of Paris, water and a container to mix it in
A bright coloured bead

1) Mix your dry plaster powder with water. The best way to do this is to put about a cup of water into a plastic container (one that you will throw away afterward) and sprinkle a cup of the dry plaster evenly on top and let it sink to the bottom. Mix it to the consistency of thickened cream with a spatula.

2) Pour the plaster mix into the cupcake moulds, working quickly because the plaster sets fast! Don't try and make them too smooth on top- it needs to look like icing.

3) Drop a bead into the middle of each 'cupcake'

4) Let it set- this will take about 20 minutes.

5) Peel the silicone moulds off and set the cupcakes aside in a sunny place to dry out. This will take about a week until they are ready to paint.

6) Paint them! Use cupcake colours.

7) For extra protection against wear and tear, varnish them with clear sealer.