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Fifi's craft - Cable tie accessories - 22 September

Cable ties are incredibly useful for all kinds of fixing and tying things. But did you know you can also make cool jewellery for fancy dress out of them?

You will need:
Coloured cable ties- buy them in a big pack of multi colours and sizes from a hardware store. Look out for the specials!
Optional: beads and spray paint

1) Find a thin cable tie long enough to go around your wrist
2) Now thread shorter coloured cable ties onto it
3) If you like, thread beads onto the wrist tie in between the cable ties
4) For a rich look, spray paint with gold or silver paint!
5) Loop it around your wrist and do it up (not too tightly)

These look great for adorning costumes for necks, wrists and ankles Use black ones for insects, multi coloured for punk or disco, green ones for an island theme.  Try threading a few onto a small cable tie, do it up tight and thread it onto a piece of string for a fan shaped pendant.

Tie coloured ones onto the links in a thick chain to make a futuristic necklace.

No scissors or glue needed - easy!