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Fifi's craft: Bin art - 16 March

Recycle your trash, make art from it and use it as a rubbish bin! Disbins make a great canvas and remind you to recycle!

You will need
- Something to decorate (a cardboard box or Disbin)
- Old magazines, comics, left over wrapping paper, fabric, ribbon, labels etc
- Scissors
- A good strong water-based decoupage glue like Ultra Glue or Modge Podge from Spotlight
- A glue stick
- A wide craft brush

1) Cut out pictures from your magazines or comics and glue them onto your box. Think about the placement of them- create a story, picture or pattern. You can hold them in place with a small spot of glue from a glue stick until you are happy with the composition.
2) Glue your pictures in place starting with the bottom layers first using the decoupage glue.
3) Glue on your ribbons/fabrics
4) Give the whole box a thick coat of decoupage glue and let it dry thoroughly before using.