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Fifi's craft - Badge of Glory - 11 August

Has someone in your life done something special? Want to award them prize? Make them a cool rosette - and here's how:

You will need
- Thin card
- Coloured paper
- Scissors
- Glue 
- Ribbon
- Pens
- A safety pin
- Tape

1. Cut 2 circles of card: one measuring 5cm across and another 6cm across.
2. Decorate the smaller circle of card with your prizewinner's name and award.
3. Cut out 20 small triangular shapes out of the coloured paper 2cm wide at the top by 4 cm long. Cut the bottom 1cm off the pointed ends.
4.  Glue the triangles around the edge of the large circle with the cut ends facing into the middle. They look good overlapped a bit.
5. Cut two pieces of ribbon 8cm long and glue them to the rosette so that they hang down. Snip triangles out of the ends of the ribbon.
6. Stick your smaller decorated circle onto the larger one to cover up the rough edges.
7. Tape a safety pin to the back of your rosette. Now it's ready to wear!