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Fact Sheet: The Baby Whisperer's tips

Step-by-step instructions - the Baby Whisperer's tips:

Burping process: (for a visual demonstration see Baby Whispering DVD)

- Lay your baby flat on their back across your knees when they come off the breast or bottle. *The only time I would not do this is when a baby is making a gulping or swallowing sound, in this case sit them up until they have settled then lay baby back down.
- Place one hand under their head to carry the weight and balance their bottom on your legs.
- Massage their tummy 3-4 times as if you are feeling for tightness, massaging the digestive system below their ribs and above the nappy line.
- Place your hand on your baby's chest, ensuring that the palm of your hand is not across their chest bone but sitting and supporting their diaphragm area. The tip of your index finger and your thumb are supporting their head. Slip the other hand's thumb under the inside arm and place your baby into the sitting burping position. As you change them from lying down position lift them up and then down onto your knee so as to help dislodge the burp if trapped. Make sure they are sitting up nice and straight, and that their bottom is not over your knee but on your knee.
- 'Paddle tap' your baby's back between the shoulder blades in a quick firm rhythm and if you have not got a burp up then I would massage around each side of their back and then go back to tapping or try lifting baby up and down again to stretch out their tummy.
- If they are grizzly or wriggling in discomfort I gently bounce or jiggle them at the same time (with your knee).
- Try over your shoulder if you are not successful, putting your arm over their bottom instead of under. Rubbing again in upwards strokes and patting between the shoulder area of the back.

Where to go for further info:
- Sharlene Poole's Baby Whispering DVD
- The Parenting Place Seminars for 0-3mths
- Greenlane, Auckland