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Dennis Greville: Gardening diary


Gardening with Dennis Greville  

July 22

The Australian Women's Weekly Garden Diary

1.  Encourage Spring growth by mulching with straw to help lift soil temperature.

2.  Spray citrus with all seasons' oil at Summer strength.

3.  Plant flowering lilies in a well drained soil in full sun.

4.  Tuberous begonias can be started indoors in trays of moist peat and sand.

5.  Prune your grape vines now before the sap starts to rise.

6.  When you are planting out parsley and garlic, do so in the rose bed!

7.  Now is the time to sort out the herb garden.

8.  Plant peas

9.  Feed your rhubarb with well-rotted compost mixed with blood and bone.

July 1

Gardening guru Dennis Greville is planting strawberries, plus all manners of frilly and feathered plants to show us just how glamorous our gardens can be!

May 13

The Australian Women's Weekly Garden Diary

  • Plant fruit trees carefully
  • Plant Sage and Rosemary cuttings
  • Build raised beds
  • Plant Tulips, Lily of the Valley and Crocosmia
  • Seed trays for Larkspur, Lupin and Stock

April 8

The Australian Women's Weekly Garden Diary

The Edible Garden

  • Plant winter lettuce and parsley now
  • In frosty areas place lettuce and parsley in sheltered pots
  • Sow broad beans, winter spinach and carrots
  • Plant shallot tubers, mizuna, cress and Chinese cabbage
  • Plant garlic in rich soil
  • Plant fresh new strawberry plants for spring
  • Sow peas and onions (frost free microclimates), or plant out seedlings

March 25

Dennis Greville is in the kitchen with his method for preserving figs. Get the recipe here

The Australian Women's Weekly Garden Diary
For fuss-free gardens:

  • Repair and sow new lawns
  • Plant new fruit trees
  • Plant spinach carrot broccoli
  • Sow sweet peas
  • Plant pansies, snapdragons, stock

March 18

It's all about winter gardens today as Dennis shows us how to prepare herbs for winter, and what you should be growing in pots right now.

The Australian Women's Weekly Garden Diary

  • Kill pests
  • Sow broccoli, beetroot, broad beans
  • Plant winter lettuce, cabbage
  • Prepare pots for winter
  • Shelter tender plants

February 25

Gardening extraordinaire Dennis Greville joins us with tips for planting bulbs now so your garden can be full of colour in the spring! He also shows us how to grow the gorgeous camellia sasanqua.

Australian Woman's Weekly gardening diary
Sow now:
  • Cabbage, carrots and broad beans
  • Winter lettuce, parsley and mizuna
  • Iceland poppies
  • Nasturtiums
  • Dianthus

February 7

Dennis shares his tips for a garden tidy up, and which veges are ready for planting