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Dennis Greville (Gardener)

Gardening guru Dennis Greville returns to Good Morning on a regular basis in 2010 to share with viewers some brilliant and practical ideas and advice - all based on his own experience of more than 30 years working with and caring for plants and gardens, large and small, exotic and native.

"I began in my own small suburban gardens, where I wanted to create a world of delight and beauty for my children, when they were small, and they both carry that love of gardens into their own family gardens," Dennis says.

"Ive always got a thrill seeing nature respond and give of its best when care and attention is lavished. This applies equally when growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers."

Now Dennis receives commissions from all over the country, north and south, and has even been asked to design gardens, large and small, in Australia and in Europe.

"You dont need a big piece of ground," Dennis explains. "You'd be amazed what can be done to delight the senses, even in a small townhouse courtyard, or on the balcony of an apartment block. You just need to use the right plants for the available conditions."

Dennis has written 16 books that provide his readers with really practical advice, and the books are full of his own inspiring colour photographs.

"There is no substitute in the garden for constant love and maintenance" says Dennis.