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Dean's Recipe - Chicken Ballantine w/ Lardons & Prunes, Roasted Tomato & Crushed Avocado Potatoes - 31 Mar

Chicken Ballantine with Lardons and Prunes
Slow Roasted Tomato and Crushed Avocado Potatoes

2 ea. Chicken Ballantines (corn fed if possible)
70 gm Smoked pork belly (or bacon rashers)
4 ea. Prunes  
String    (twine is better nylon)
2 ea. Vine ripened tomatoes 
6-8 ea. gourmet potatoes
Chives   (chopped)
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Flat leaf parsley

Place the oiled and seasoned tomatoes into a warm oven at 60 deg to 70 degrees for aprox. 3-4 hours before dinner.

Pre boil the gourmet potatoes, strain and place to the side.
Open the ballantine out on to a chopping board. Fill the thigh with the smoked pork and prunes, fold closed and tie with the string. Heat a pan with a little oil in the bottom, when the oil shimmers place the chicken into it let it start to cook then add a little butter to help caramelise the skin. Turn over and repeat. This should take 2-3 minutes. Then place into the oven at 185deg for 10-12 minutes

While the chicken is cooking crush the warm potatoes into a bowl. Add the avocado, Avocado oil, butter & seasoning mix well and keep warm.
Remove the chicken and slice place onto a plate with the potatoes and tomato.

Meal for two