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Dain Heer's Tips To A Phenomenal Relationship

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  1. Be Equal: Never make your partner greater than you. Never make your partner less than you.

  2. Don’t Play The Blame Game: Never make your partner right. Never make your partner wrong.

  3. Start Each Day Fresh: Destroy and uncreate everything your relationship was yesterday, every single day, and you will then be in the space of creating your relationship every single day. That doesn’t break up and get a divorce. That means destroying the judgement and separations you created and built up every day so they won’t be carried forward into the future.

  4. Choose To Be Together:Make the conscious choice every single day to choose to be together. If you realise you’re choosing your relationship you will work to make it greater.

  5. Erase Previous Preconceptions About Relationships: Write down every point of view of relationship that you bought from your mother. Make the list as long as it needs to be and then burn it. Now do the same with every point of view  about relationship you bought from your father and burn that one too.

  6. Don’t Ask Your Partner To Change: Stop requiring your partner to change.

  7. Plan Date Time: Plan for something fun to do with your partner for at least four hours every single week and keep that time sacred and don’t let anything else interfere with it. This is the time for the creation of your relationship.

  8. Have Gratitude: Be Willing to have gratitude for them and you for being exactly as you both are now