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Cured Vanilla Salmon

With Nick Honeyman

Cured Vanilla Salmon

Makes: 2 portions
Cost: $4.10
Time: 15mins prep time. Allow 3hrs 15mins for pre preparation.

Curing Salt 
45g castor sugar
75g rock salt
1 vanilla bean (seeds taken out and reserved)
zest of 1 lime
zest of one blood orange (substitute orange)

1x 200g salmon fillet (skin off)

Segments of 1 blood orange
2 baby red radishes
50g baby tatsoi (substitute green leaves)
50ml extra virgin olive oil
15g maltodextrin (optional)
2g salt
reserved vanilla seeds of 1 bean

For the curing salt
Finely chop the vanilla bean and mix all ingredients in a bowl rubbing them together with your hands until the mixture has an even sand like texture.
In a small shallow dish, sprinkle a quarter of the curing salt on the bottom in an area a little larger than the salmon fillet.
Place the fillet on the salt and then evenly cover the salmon with the remainder of the curing salt.
Cover and refrigerate for 3hrs.
After 3hrs, wash the salt off the salmon and dry thoroughly with some kitchen cloth.
Cut the salmon into two even size pieces of 100g. 
Set aside to come up to room temperature.

For the garnishes
Mix the vanilla seeds and salt into the olive oil.
Slice the baby red radishes 2mm thick in the opposing direction to the stem.
As an option - to make vanilla snow, place the maltodextrin in a bowl and whisk in 30g of the vanilla oil until and even texture is acquired. Set aside.

For the salmon
Bring a non-stick pan to a medium heat and place the salmon flesh side down in the pan, cook on each side for 2mins.

To plate
Mix the orange segments, tatsoi, baby raddish and a pinch of sea salt in a bowl.
Place the salmon in the center of the plate and decorate with the orange salad.
Finish either with the remainder of the vanilla oil or the vanilla snow on top.

(Broadcast: 07 Mar 2012)