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Coconut crème brulee with pineapple compote

With Laurent Loudeac

Time to prepare and cook 20 mins
Cost $20
Serves 4


1/2 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into small cubes
100gr sugar
Some water
6 yolks
200ml cream
200ml coconut cream
1 vanilla pod, cut in half
200gr sugar
50gr sugar to caramelise


In a pot bring to the boil the 2 types of cream with the vanilla pod, and in a bowl whisk the yolk with the sugar then pour boiling cream on top, pass through a fine sieve and pour into 4 ramekins then put into a Bay Marie, cover with tin foil and cook at 150C in a fan oven (if possible) for 20 minutes or until crème is set, it should wobble if you gently shake the dish.

For the pineapple compote, slightly caramelised the pineapple in a pan with the sugar then cover with water and simmer gently until liquid is reduce and pineapple cooked.

When crème brulee is cooked, take out of Bay Marie and wipe sides of ramekins clean, then refrigerate. When ready to serve sprinkle sugar on top then caramelise with a blow torch, then serve with pineapple on top or on the side.

(Aired 2 May 2011)