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Clem's beads - Pair of Earrings - 1 Mar

How to Make a Pair of Earrings

You Need:
1 pair of Earring hooks
4-5 x2inch Head Pins
2x 8mm Cube Crystals
2x 6mm Cube Crystals
2x 4mm Cube Crystals

Tools: Round nose pliers, Flat nose pliers and wire cutters
* If you don't have specific bead tools, use household pliers

1. Place 8mm bead on headpin leaving 8mm to 1cm of wire showing above bead and cut excess wire off, keep this wire as you'll need it later.

2. Twist wire using round nose pliers to create a loop
 *You might want to practice making your loops on a spare headpin before you go to make your earrings.

3. To centre loop over bead, use tip of round nose pliers at the base of the wire and bend outwards slightly.

4. To close the loop, so the wire is touching itself, it's easiest to use Flat nosed pliers and squeeze the sides of wire together (gently!).

5. Using the excess wire from the headpin, create another loop and link it into the first loop and close the loop, add the 6mm bead and trim the wire leaving 8mm to 1cm of wire to create your next loop.

6. Repeat the loop process again (stages 2 to 4); you should now have 2 beads linked together with wire.

7. To add the final bead, cut another length from a headpin, this time ensuring there is 8mm to 1cm on either side of the 4mm bead.

8. Follow the loop process again, linking the wire to the last loop you've just made before closing that loop.

9. Add your Earring Hook to the last loop before you close it with the flat nose pliers.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 for the other earring.

You can use any style and shape of bead for these earrings and have as many links as you like, depending on how dangly you want them.

Once you get the hang of these stylish earrings, you'll be able to make anything!

By Clementine Ludlow