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Clem's beads - Kilt pin brooch - 24 May

How to Make a Kilt Pin Brooch

You Need:

  • Kilt Pin Brooch (if possible one with the loops already on)
  • Length of Chain
  • 2inch Head Pins
  • Jump Rings
  • Selection of Beads (I used a variety of Semi Precious Stones)


  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers and wire cutters
  • If you don't have specific bead tools, use household pliers

1. Cut Chain to required length, allowing enough for chain to dangle in places along the brooch.

2. Loop the chain through the jump rings and add the opened jump rings to the pin, then close then using the flat nosed pliers

  • I glued the jump rings onto the kilt pin, hoping that they would stay in place. After a couple of times of wearing the brooch the glue came unstuck, so it wasn't necessary!

3. Add the beads to the headpins.

4. Cut them to length, leaving 1cm of wire at the top, to create your loop.

5.  Twist wire using round nose pliers to create a loop

  • You might want to practice making your loops on a spare headpin before hand.

6. To centre loop over bead, use tip of round nose pliers at the base of the wire and bend outwards slightly.

7. Before closing the loops add the bead to the jump ring where you would like it to be positioned along the brooch.

8. To close the loop, so the wire is touching itself, it's easiest to use Flat nosed pliers and squeeze the sides of wire together (gently!).

9. Repeat this process for all the beads on wire.

10. The Brooch is now finished, just in time to glam up our winter wardrobes!


You can use any style and shape of bead for this Brooch.

By Clementine Ludlow