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Clem's beads - Chunky Necklace - 29 Mar

How to Make a Chunky Necklac

You Need:

Tigertail Wire
1x clasp (I used a lobster style)
2x Crimp beads (usually come in pack of 100)
Selection of beads
(I used 22 Green/Blue Foil Lined beads 13mm and 47 size 6 Turquoise Blue Matte Seed Beads)


Flat nose pliers and Scissors

-If you don't have specific bead tools, use household pliers

1. Cut a strand of wire, it should be a comfortable fit around your neck with an additional 1cm at each end.

2. Place a crimp onto one end of the wire, then add the clasp.

3. Loop the wire back through the crimp and squeeze the crimp flat with the flat nosed pliers. The clasp should now be firmly attached to the wire.

-If you are using particularly heavy beads you can add two crimps at each end for extra security.

4. Add the beads to your wire in the order you would like them. I've added 13 seed beads around the back of the necklace, where the chunky beads won't be seen.

5. Once all the beads are added to the wire, add a crimp and loop the wire back through the crimp, leaving a large loop.

-don't forget to add an even number of seed beads to the other end!

6. Squeeze the crimp flat with the flat nosed pliers.

7. You can use this loop to attach through the clasp.

You can use any style and shape of bead for this chunky necklace and use the same process to make a bracelet.

By Clementine Ludlow