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Clem's beads - 2 Strand Floating Necklace - 1 Mar

How to Make a 2 Strand Floating Necklace

You Need:
Tigertail Wire
1x clasp (I used a fish hook style)
Pack of Crimp beads (approx 100)
Selection of beads
(I used Crystal Cubes; 6x8mm, 8x6mm and 16x4mm)

Tools: Flat nose pliers, Scissors and Bead Tray or Ruler
* If you don't have specific bead tools, use household pliers

1. Cut two strands of wire, the first should be a comfortable fit around the base of your neck and the second should be approx 2inches longer.

2. Place a crimp onto one end of the shortest wire, then add the clasp.

3. Loop the wire back through the crimp and squeeze the crimp flat with the flat nosed pliers. The clasp should now be firmly attached to the wire.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second length of wire.

5. Arrange your beads in the order you would like them on the necklace.

6. Add the beads to your wire, for every bead you must add a crimp bead to either side of it. *Start with a crimp!

7. Once all the beads and crimps are added to the wire loop the wire back through the clasp and secure with a crimp using the flat nosed pliers (Step 3).

8. Space the beads out on your Bead Tray, where you would like them to sit on the necklace, ensuring that there is a crimp of either side of each bead.

* If you don't have a bead tray use a ruler to get the distances between each bead accurate.

9. Squeeze each crimp onto the wire using the flat nosed pliers, be sure to get the crimps as close to the beads as possible.

10. Hold the necklace up and check that each crimp is secure; some may require another squeeze with the pliers.

11. Repeat Steps 6-10 for the other strand of the necklace, you could space the beads out differently on this strand for a contrasting look.

You can use any style and shape of bead for this necklace and have as many strands as you like, depending on how 'dressy' you want it to look.

Once you get the hang of this lovely necklace, you'll be able to make anything!

By Clementine Ludlow