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Citrus-cured Salmon

With Stephen Smith, The Tasting Shed       



1 fillet of salmon

1/2 cucumber

5 chillis

About 6 limes

Fish sauce

30 g ginger

160g light palm sugar

30g toasted peanuts

A hand full of coriander

A hand full of mint

200g sugars

100ml vinegar

1 lemon

1 lime leave

1 stick lemon grass

100g salt



To cure the salmon…

Mix 100g of the sugar with 100g of salt. Add the zest only of 1 lemon, 1 lime. Roughly chop the lime leaf and lemon grass and smoother the salmon with the mixture making sure the whole fillet is covered. Cure for four hours in the fridge.


To make the pickle…

Add 100g sugar with the vinegar and 150ml of water. Bring to almost boiling point then allow to cool.


For the dressing…

Add 160 g of light palm sugar, the chilli, grated ginger, 140ml of limejuice to the blender and mix till smooth. Season with fish sauce to your liking.


To Finish up…

Peel the skin of the cucumber. Continue to peel the cucumber to create nice thin ribbons. Add this along with the mint and coriander to your cooled pickling syrup.


For the salmon…

Thinly slice or cube depending on how you like it and dress with the dressing with just enough to coat the fish but taste it and add more or less depending on your taste.

Drain the cucumber pickle and arrange around your plate with the dressed salmon. Garnish with the peanuts and a few more bit of fresh coriander and mint.

This goes great with rice noodle or a salad