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Changing a Car Tyre

With Mel Browne

Changing a Car Tyre

Be Safe
First and foremost get the vehicle with a flat tyre out of harms' way or out of traffic as far as practicable to the left of the road with the hazard lights switched on and handbrake pulled.

Remove all passengers and any load from the vehicle and ensure safety. Make sure all tools including the spare tyre are out and are within arms reach.

Getting Started
Remove the hubcap using a screwdriver to access the wheel nuts. Loosen off wheel nuts in anticlockwise direction using the wheel brace. If the wheel nuts are stiff you can use a long pipe to allow for leverage.

Jack up the car
Now locate the correct raising point for the jack to be fitted under and start raising the car using the jack. It's a good idea to place the spare tyre under the body of the car while you jack up the car just in case the jack slips.

Remove the wheel
Once the wheel is clear off the ground then unscrew the wheel nuts right off in diagonal pairs. If available, place the wheel nuts in a cup or close by, be careful not to misplace them, then safely remove the wheel.

Fit the spare
Make sure before you fit the spare wheel that it's the right way around. Once again, fit the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and tighten to finger-tight. Take note: you can place the flat tyre under the car body for safety.

Lowering the car
Using the jack, lower the car until the tyre touches the ground then lightly tighten the wheel nuts clockwise using the wheel brace in diagonal pairs. Remove the jack once done.

Finishing off
With the jack removed you can now fully tighten the wheel nuts using the wheel brace. Place the flat tyre and all the tools back into the boot. 
Remember to repair or replace the wheel ASAP.

(Broadcast: 24 Feb 2012)