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Ball Makeup Tips and Tricks

With Nikki Lovrich

Ball Makeup Tips and Tricks

What rules apply for teen makeup?
When you are young it's the one time in your life that you can freely follow trends and enjoy fashion without limitations. Wear what you love and what feels good, and don't be scared to express yourself. Too many young girls have cookie-cutter style and I love to see individuality expressed!

What should teens avoid?
Too much foundation! I have done ball makeup on beautiful young girls with perfect skin and they want to hide beneath a mask of foundation! Keep it to a minimum, only wearing what you need and work on enhancing your best features. This rule applies to all ages as I personally hate too much makeup. Foundation is designed to even out the skin and conceal blemishes, not to create a mask.

How does evening / ball / red carpet makeup differ to everyday makeup?
At night you can get away with a lot more makeup as evening lighting is so different to harsh day light. In the evening you can wear more shimmer and pump up the colour. Blusher is more intense and you can literally double the strength of your eye makeup.

Do you need to consider what you are wearing to a ball before you decide on your makeup look?
Absolutely. For example, when we look at this picture of Jennifer Lawrence at the Hunger Games premiere you can instantly see that her makeup is complimentary to her gold dress. Gold eyeshadow has been added to smokey eyes to give it extra drama and the pale lips work perfectly. Alternatively, in this shot of her in the bright red dress she has kept her makeup simple with all emphasis on her eyes as the dress is so strong it speaks for itself.

Think about the colour of your dress before you buy your lipstick and accessories as it's nice to tie it all in.

For example:
- You may have a cream dress with pink shoes and a gold bag - wear pink lips and highlight your eyes with gold.
- A plain black dress means it's a great opportunity to wear bright red lips and nails.
- A dress with a strong print looks good with simple makeup as otherwise you will look overdone.

(Broadcast 7 May 2012)