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Baby Whisperer: Keeping your baby warm - 22 June

Keeping your baby warm for winter

New Zealanders are fortunate enough to have a wide range of wool products that are affordable to all.  Dressing your baby with at least one layer of wool throughout most of the winter is essential in helping to keep a baby warm and well.

The Baby Whisperer's tips

A lot of us live in homes that are not insulated and therefore it is even more essential that we help to keep their core body temperatures warm with the right clothing.

When you have babies playing on the floor or sleeping near an outside wall it can get cold or drafty, particularly in houses with wooden floors, the cool air is right at your baby's level.

We only need a few essential items to keep our babies warm and comfortable, dressing them then in layers depending on the temperature of the environment they are in.

Layering the clothing will help you adjust to the fluctuating temperatures through out the day.

If your baby has sensitive skin you are best to have a cotton layer next to their skin and a wool layer on top.

The use of natural fibres is important as helps to make it easier for them to regulate their own body temperature, especially with newborn babies.
If your baby is swaddled for sleep I recommend that you be careful not to over-heat them, swaddling babies helps to keep the warmth in and if we are dressing them warmly, swaddling and then tucking in with blankets on top it is very easy for us to over-heat them.  This will often make babies grizzly or dehydrated. 

To check your baby's temperatures accurately, place your fingers down their back, between their shoulder blades.  If it is clammy or if they are slightly sweaty they are too hot.  It should be warm, not hot.

When you are out and about it is good to remember to take spare items of clothing, especially for instance when the mornings can be cold but days are warm and vice versa.

When babies are in front facing buggies they are exposed to the cool air and often we get warm due to the movement of pushing a buggy, remember your baby is sitting still and they need another layer than us.

The room temperate recommended for baby to sleep in is 18-20 degrees.

Handy items to have:

- Merino/wool short sleeve singlet (spring, autumn and winter a must)
- Cotton short sleeve singlet
- Cotton long sleeve singlet
- Cotton or Merino Nightie (for a newborn)
- Cotton or Merino all in one outfits (jumpsuit) with feet
- Socks, Wool booties or Bobux style shoes to help keep socks on!
- Cotton Cardigan
- Wool Cardigan
- Cotton Hat/Wool Hat
- Wool and cotton Blanket for Sleeping.
- Fleece blanket for playing on or outdoor use.