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Baby Whisperer - Childcare - 13 October

Choosing care for your baby when you return to work

Going back to work and leaving your baby in someone else's care can be an incredibly tough decision. Knowing your options and researching these thoroughly it will ease some of the process for you and your baby.

A happy mum and dad help to create a happy baby and so your confidence in your choice of care is important.

In my opinion the most important part of choosing care for your baby is that it feels right in your heart, whether you choose an early childhood centre, a family member or a nanny.  When mother and father are happy with the situation, baby will feel the confidence in turn and will adapt more easily to their new routine.

The Baby Whisperer's tips

- Spend time with your baby in an early childhood centre or with a nanny you are interviewing or visiting.  Watching and observing is the best way to know which is best for you.

- Ask for a CV when looking into employing a nanny and check up on references. 

- Ask around your coffee group, local plunket rooms and workplace for referrals. There are often great nannies and families looking to share care.

- Write down questions and ask a professional or discuss with family and friends as they may have some good tips or experience to share with you.

- Think about your baby's personality, choosing the right person or early childhood centre to suit your baby's needs is vital. For example, a large centre for a quiet baby, particularly first babies, might not suit as well as a smaller and less busy centre.

- Often babies who have older siblings will be more adaptable to an early childhood centre as they are used to more stimulation and noise and are used to sharing time and space around them.

- Look for early childhood centres that have separate baby to toddler areas for play.

- Check the centre's menu plan for a week or your nanny's interest in healthy living and beliefs in care.

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