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Astars Craft: Rose Embellished Cushion

Rose Embellished Cushion

What a great gift for mother. Don't just make one - make two! They're so beautiful as a pair on the couch or bed.

What You Need:

From Spotlight you can purchase natural linen, calico, or white coloured ready-made and zipped cushion covers.

Green tape or 1/2 inch wide ribbon

Either ribbon to make the ribbon roses or look in the millinery section at Spotlight for cards of pre-made ribbon roses.

Few artificial rose leaves.

Matching green cotton + cotton to match roses that will be fixed to the face of the cushion.

Sewing machine, needle, and sharp dress making scissors.


Basically this is what we will be doing today.

The tape will be cut into various lengths, then gathered using the sewing machine.

So if you use lengths of ribbon or tape say 8 inches long, once gathered you will have a finished length of say 6 inches.

These gathered lengths will then be stitched to the face of the cushion to form stems that will have handmade or pre-made millinery roses stitched at the top.

These will look like a row of roses in a line running along the length of the face of the cushion.

The secret to something that looks visually stimulating is to have gathered stems at various heights.

Cut all tape to desired length, then gather.

To Gather Stitch:

1. Set stitching length on sewing machine to largest and longest stitch.

2. Find the middle of the tape, then come across ever so slightly to the left of the middle. Stitch. Leave long tails of thread top and bottom. These threads will be pulled up to gather once you have stitched two tracks.

3. Now come across ever so slightly from the first row of stitching and repeat.

4. Gently pull both top threads to gather up threads

5. Pin these at regular intervals along cushion, then machine stitch into place.

6. Once all gathered tape has been stitched. Gently pull away gathering threads.

7. Hand stitch a millinery or handmade ribbon rose to the top of each stem and then repeat at irregular intervals, a leaf here and there.