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Astar's Flowers Table Display, Decorated Jandals - 13 Dec

Quick and Easy Christmas Table Display

I've had one of these designs floating around our house for years.  It lives in a box in the Engineers garage and is pulled out annual along with his stuff for eating out doors...

Things to Gather

5 artificial pointsettia (large)
3 thick branches of artificial holly and berry sprays - mine are about 35cm long and about 15cm wide.

Cable ties
10 cm wide Christmas ribbon


 Basically what we are going to create are two long lengths comprising of a flower, holly branch, then another flower with a bit of space between each placement, then held together with cable ties.  Two are required, then they are pushed back into each other from the stem ends.  The stems create a strong support structure.  The space in the middle, is then filled with the 5th remaining flower.

 Ribbons further secure and embellish display.

 The beauty of this design is that it's flat, so it doesn't fall or blow all over the place, plus it's quick and easy...

 Lay a pointsettia on work surface, then come down the stem and position one of the holly berry branches, come down further and place another flower.  Tie off with a cable tie or two.  Make a nice fat thick bow using the ribbon.

 Once you have made two, as indicated above bring the stem ends together, leave enough space in the middle section to place remaining flower, which will need to be manipulated into position to sit slightly raised.  Cable tie once again to hold firm.  Finish off with another nice fat bow in the centre.

Flash Decorated Jandals

 I hate jandals at the best of times, but when forced by the Engineer to visit the beach or we go to a pool party, there is always the comment.

 I hope you've got sensible SHOES to wear!

 So I pull out my beach or pool shoes - hand decorated jandals...

 You'll imagine his face...

Things to gather

A pair of jandals or flattish something's
Gem-bond glue - or hot glue gun
Satay stick with a small amount of bee's wax formed into a small ball (about the size of a cotton bud) this is used to pick up and position jewel on top of glue
Gorgeous sparkly rhinestones
Or pretty little flowers


Decide on where you want to position jewels or flowers, then mark pattern using a pencil.

Take the glue and apply little droplets on to markings.

Use the waxed end of the satay stick to pick up and place jewels on top of  glue.

Allow a good day to ensure glue has dried before wearing.

These would make perfect Christmas gifts.